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The Great Midfielder Of Liverpool: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Jürgen Klopp has promised Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can realize his goalscoring possible at Liverpool and it’s “unbelievable” that the midfielder didn’t get that chance at Arsenal. The 24-year-old has started just five Premier League matches for Liverpool, which makes an additional 10 league appearances from the bench, with opportunities restricted by the group’s fine form as well as the lateness of his coming from Arsenal.

The supervisor also insisted Oxlade-Chamberlain can improve in front of goal as these attributes weren’t developed by Arsenal, where he was frequently deployed at wing-back and scored just nine league goals in six seasons for Arsène Wenger’s team. “It is incredible but he wasn’t asked for this too much previously. “If you see Arsenal before their two critical players were Özil and Sánchez. They’re involved in a lot of minutes and decisive passes. Özil or Sánchez, then Giroud if he’s coming to the pitch. agen sbobet terpercaya

Then you [the remainder] aren’t much involved. Here we place it on more shoulders, much more shoulders. If he’s on the pitch he wants to participate in these situations. At the moment it is all great but I also see there is space for improvement.” Oxlade-Chamberlain signed a five-year contract value #120,000 per week when he joined Liverpool. “When he arrived here we talked about the position,” said Klopp, who set Oxlade-Chamberlain in central midfield at Bournemouth to great effect. “The only place he did not need to perform is wing-back but just like Milly [James Milner] if you asked him he’d still do it.

But even that’s different here, it depends upon the kind of play. “He could be more involved offensively and better shielded defensively, so for me, it is not a major issue if he’s a winger or a midfielder. But his most important abilities are offensive, that’s accurate. He’s such an athlete and he’s still a young player. It is unbelievable but he’s 10 or 12 decades yet to come in his career. If he was already complete then he’d be Messi, who’s the only participant who had been complete at that age. He can improve and that is fine, but he is not talking positions with me.

Klopp said: “I don’t consider that, provided that nobody comes to me and says he has gone or has signed a new contract. It is all about the behavior of the players. I work with them daily. If we would like to sell a player we do not go to him daily and tell him. Day-by-day it does not have any influence so long as the players are fine and neither Emre nor Phil give me the impression for one second they aren’t interested in what we’re doing here. That is all I care about before the moment we must make a decision. They are completely in the group and they’ll be until it’s not like this anymore. When this is I don’t have any clue.”

Fifa insisted it did research the evidence included in McLaren’s first and second reports, and additional samples captured from the Moscow lab in December 2014 which comprised 154 footballers, but that “no anti-doping rule violation has been shown for any of these”. A spokesman said it had been awaiting additional forensic analysis of the captured Moscow samples, using a technique developed by the IOC to establish if bottles are opened, so maybe tampered with.

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